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Everyone says, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

When selling your house, it is so important for the buyers to come in and LOVE the kitchen. If they don’t LOVE it, they will either turn around and go look for a different house, or calculate how much it would cost them to install a new kitchen in yours.

Doing an update yourself will always be cost less money than the amount buyers will negotiate off your selling price.

Many buyers don’t have thousands of dollars left after purchasing the house to re-model. They would rather pay more for the property, and put it into the mortgage. The mortgage they can pay off over many years.

When we come to your home to do a consultation, as part of the service we will give you tips on how to update your kitchen – but only if you need to. Sometimes we will tell you to change appliances, sometimes to paint and sometimes just change the light fixture.

in some cases installing a back-splash, or changing the counter top. We always try to see how we can get the buyer to feel at home in your home and make an offer.

in this house below, as soon as we walked in, we knew what needed to be done. The kitchen was such a good layout and design. But the colour – not for everyone.

The back-splash, counter top and appliances were great, just the colour of the cabinets, looked dated. Also the lights could be more modern and simpler.

We got our painting contractor to come in and spray the kitchen a new fresh colour. we didn’t want to go all white because we felt the contrast with floor colour will be too much.

This transformation cost our client about 3,300 including the painting, and the new lights. A brand new kitchen in this space would be more than 10 times that.

When buyers negotiate, they don’t negotiate by 3,000, they negotiate in 10’s of thousands. They may pay $100,000 less for this house because they feel they need a new kitchen.

There are times when we do say, you need a new kitchen. But not always. We have stopped many owners from spending money on things that will not make a difference, but invest where it will.

Book a consultation with an expert to figure out how to present your home in the best light to get the best price!

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  1. Harold Deonarine says:

    I used “The lastdetail.ca” team to stage my condo. The staging was stunning and definitely highlighted this condo and it’s features. Ella and her team was very professional in her detailing that I have nothing but great reviews for her. I will definitely use her again. I am a Real Estate Broker with Ipro Realty, and will highly recommend her services.

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