Home staging is an art. It’s about creating an aesthetic that will appeal to the tastes of every buyer—and helping them envision themselves living in your space.

The Benefits Of Staging

A buyer makes 95% of their decision within 30 seconds of them walking in the door… Staging can help ensure your property makes a great first impression—and provide the following benefits:

Unlocked Potential

Professional staging highlights any home’s best features, minimizing its faults and enhancing its livability.

Better Listing Photos

The first place most buyers will see your home is online. Stunning photos lead to more showings (which can mean more offers and a higher price).

More Money For You

We can safely say that for every dollar you spend on staging, you can expect to get $10-$100 back.

Less Time on Market

Staging can reduce the time a home takes to sell. The longer your home stays on the market, the less likely you’ll have to reduce your price.

What Is Home Staging?

Staging is about preparing and decorating a home for the market. It highlights selling features through elements like furniture and decor to create a positive impression on buyers.

Can You Afford To Stage?

A better question is, can you afford not to? Studies show that sellers who stage their properties see a return of 6 – 30% (on average). Learn more in our FAQs.

Ready to Learn What Comes Next?

From our initial consultation to the first steps we take towards staging, learn more about the process of working with us.