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Since we started home staging 25 years ago, we have seen it redefine the real estate industry. It is not just about de-cluttering, baking cookies, and adding flowers to your space.

To us, home staging is an art and a skill. It is about creating a visual masterpiece that will appeal to the tastes of every buyer who walks through your door and allow them to envision themselves living there surrounded by their things.

We do this by using the right furniture, accessories, and artwork placed in a way that will highlight your homes best features, making it appear larger, elegant, and bright. This enables the buyer to focus on your home’s unique characteristics and not your belongings.

Here are some reasons why you should stage your home:

1.You are Selling a Product

When you put your home up for sale, you need to think of it as a product that needs to be successfully marketed. Home staging will make your home appeal to every taste and lifestyle and be more inviting to any buyer that walks through your door.

2.Tour Photos that Pop

The first place most people are going to see your property is online. When we stage a home, we always keep in mind how it will show in photos, resulting in flawless and beautiful pictures that stand out from the rest. Eye-catching photos will bring more showings into your home which means more offers, and ultimately a higher price.

3.First Impressions are Everything

You never a get a second chance to make a first impression. Since 95% of a buyer’s decision is made within 30 seconds of walking through the front door, a home that looks perfect will be assumed to be well-maintained and thus more valuable.

4.Highlight What Matters

Whether it’s a beautiful fireplace or gleaming hardwood floors, staging will showcase the best features of your home. While you may enjoy lounging on puffy couches, they make a room appear smaller and crowded. You want the buyer to focus on the best of what your property has to offer, not your belongings.

5.Minimize the Faults

If you have a small space or perhaps a room with bad lighting, proper staging will downplay and distract the buyer from those elements. We can create a favourable impression everywhere the buyers’ eyes focus and rest. Staging will also help draw their eyes away from any flaws your home may have, such as a stain on your carpet or a scratch on your hardwood floor.

6.Show them the Potential

In the case of rooms that are oddly shaped or a home that is very small, we can stage in a way to show the buyer how to take advantage of the space in ways they may not have thought of. Many people believe home staging is only for expensive large homes, but this is simply not true. Small condos, particularly in the downtown area, look unlivable to many buyers, especially if they are coming from a larger home with larger scale furniture. When we stage with the right scale furniture, a buyer will be able to appreciate how they can live there and are more likely to put in an offer right away.

7.Open up Possibilities

Vacant rooms tend to look smaller than ones that are optimally staged. By using to-scale furniture in warm, inviting colours, elegant accessories and artwork, we can create a stunning space that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers.

8.Less Time on the Market

The fact is, the longer your home stays on the market, the more likely you may have to reduce your asking price. Studies have shown that staged homes sell in half the time and for more money.

9.More Money in Your Pocket

Home staging is a return on investment that can bring you anywhere from 6-14% more money for your property. We can safely say that for every $1 you spend, you will get anywhere from $10-$100 in return. Where else can you find this kind of return on your investment?

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