In a hot real estate market, you need an edge to help the sellers you work with compete. Fortunately, high-quality staging is an incredible tool for making properties stand out.

Why Stage For Your Clients?

Here are just a few reasons to consider enlisting our staging services as part of your selling strategy.

Stunning Photos

Our skillful staging makes properties shine for the camera. That means flawless online images that draw buyers in—and more showings.

More Showings 

Better photos provide more showing opportunities and (ultimately) better offers. Showings also allow you to network with more potential clients and agents.

Marketing Savings

Beautiful photos attract buyers, so you’ll spend less time, energy, and (most importantly) dollars on second and third waves of marketing.

More Clients

As a rule, home staging leads to quicker sales—which frees you up to work with more clients and close more deals.

Better Commission

Staged homes sell for 6-14 per cent more money, so you won’t have to reduce your commission to compete. Why reduce and relist when you can stage and sell?

More Referrals

When you help a client sell quickly and for a great price, they’ll likely spread the word. In other words, staging can lead to repeat and referral business!

A Value-Added Service

Some agents pay for their clients’ consultations, others for the entire service. Either way, when you work with us, sellers will feel like you’re going above and beyond for them.

Our Inventory

We have over $6 million worth of  inventory in furniture, art, and accessories, allowing us to furnish 60-80 properties at a time. The size of our warehouse means we never run out!

Full-Service Staging

This is our full-time job. We’re reliable, and we take care of everything—from staging to delivery and pickup—so you can use your valuable time to sell properties.