We’ve staged over 8,000 properties, which has taught us how to do it right. Regardless of your home’s price point and location, our well-established process can work for you.

Our Steps To Success

We’re ready to build a sense of excitement around your home—and create a smooth staging experience for you. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Your Consultation

It starts with a meeting with one of our talented designers. We’ll view your property through the eyes of a buyer, assessing it for areas that may need to be addressed.

From there, we’ll minimize any perceived flaws, making your space feel bigger and brighter while improving its overall visual flow.

Your To-Do List

If your property is currently lived in, you’ll receive a to-do list that includes tasks like painting, decluttering, performing small repairs, and removing personal items. The idea is to help the buyer imagine their possessions in your home.

If your property is vacant, we’ll verify that it’s in optimal condition for our home staging process.

Your Quote

The designer you’re working with will prepare a quote for you, which will include any furniture, art, and accessory rental along with design, delivery, and pickup.

Our services start at $2500, but costs vary depending on the size of your home, the number of rooms that need to be staged, the type of furniture required, etc.

Our Agreement

We’ll provide an agreement outlining what we’ll bring on staging day. If your home requires painting, decluttering, or repairs, they should be completed before our agreed-upon date.

You’re also responsible for removing furniture before then, if that’s what we’ve suggested. We can do it on a different day, or suggest a third party. We also appreciate you finding alternative lodging for pets while your home is on the market.

Our Staging

On staging day, we transport any furniture, art, and accessories we’ll be using to your home—and complete the process in one day. We advise having your photographer ready.

Before staging day, your home should be cleaned. We put a lot of thought into where we place items, and (in our experience), they may be moved by cleaners.

Making Suggestions

Most showings occur within the first 7-10 days after listing, and you’ll want to have your home available during this time. If you have young children, we strongly suggest that you find them alternate accommodations during this timeframe.

To provide a comfortable environment for buyers, it’s also best to leave your home during showings. If you’re concerned about your belongings, consider asking your agents or someone from their team to be present.