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Having staged over 8,000 properties, we have developed a thorough and well-established process that has proven successful for our clients time and time again. Regardless of price or location, our strategies will create a desire to purchase your home in any buyer who comes through your door. By choosing The Last Detail, you will ensure your home staging experience is smooth, straightforward, and well worth your investment.

Here is what to expect when working with us:

1.Our Consultation

Your home staging process begins with a consultation with one of our talented designers. With the eyes and mindset of a potential buyer, they will go through your home room by room and determine what areas should be addressed. We are skilled at analyzing even subliminal elements and have techniques to minimize any weak points, whether it’s making small rooms appear larger or bringing light to a darker space. We know how to create a visual flow and a favourable impression everywhere the buyers’ eyes rest.

2.Our To-Do List

For properties that are lived in, you will receive a to-do list. This may include: painting, decluttering, updating light fixtures, repairing leaky faucets, and adding items like candles or flowers, or removing personal items such as family photographs and personal effects. By doing this, the buyer is able to focus on the characteristics of the room instead of your belongings. We want them to be able to picture themselves living in your home surrounded by their own possessions.
For vacant properties, we will verify that your property is in optimal condition for our home staging process.

3.Our Quote

Once the consultation is complete, our designer will prepare a quote for your property’s staging services. This quote will include furniture, art and accessories rental, design, staging services, delivery, and of course, pickup. Our services start at $2500 and will vary depending on the size of your home, number of rooms required to stage, type of furniture required, etc.

4.Our Agreement

We will provide a home staging agreement which will outline what we will bring to your home on the day of staging. If your home requires painting, decluttering, or repairs, these should be completed before our agreed upon date. You will also be responsible for the removal of your furniture before the staging date, if that is what was suggested at the consultation. All other services should not occur on the day of staging when we are scheduled to bring in our furniture art and accessories. We need the rooms ready so we can see what we are doing. For removal of your items, you can choose us to do it on a different day or we can suggest a third party if you like. You are welcome to live in the house while staged, however, we appreciate that you will arrange alternate lodging for your pets during the time your property is on the market.

5.Our Staging Process

Our furniture, art, and accessories are prepared and placed on our loading dock the day before your home staging will commence. On the day of staging, we load the trucks and head to your home. Once we arrive, our dedicated team will have your home completely staged within one day. We advise having your real estate agent schedule their photographer to come once we are done or the next morning as we only take pictures for our inventory purposes. Your home should be cleaned the day before we come in to stage. We put a lot of thought into where we place each item and from our experience, items may be moved by cleaners and not put back. In addition, we will have 5-7 employees working throughout your home and cleaners will not be able to do their work while we are there.

6.Our Suggestions

Most showings occur within the first 7-10 days of listing when it is considered “hot” and you will want to have your home available during that time, particularly in the evening hours. Although you are welcome to stay in your home, we do strongly suggest for that time frame, especially if you have young children, that you find alternative accommodations so as not to disrupt their sleep schedules.
As well, in order to create the ideal atmosphere for your potential buyer, we also recommend that it’s best not to be home during showings as buyers may feel like they are intruding and won’t feel as comfortable. If you are worried about your belongings, consider asking your real estate agent or someone from their team to be present for showings.

“Ella, your sound advice and staging services were worth every penny. You allowed us to realize the full potential of our home, which was hiding behind the clutter of everyday life.  It was an eye-opening experience that extends beyond just selling the house and will certainly serve as a reminder to us as we start from scratch in our new home.

To prospective clients: be objective, and understand that the process is not about criticizing your decor, but maximizing your space. We had a particularly tall order of to-dos from Ella, and it was a stretch to achieve in less than two weeks, but we made it happen and had a beautiful transformed shell ready for Ella’s team. It was stressful, but the final result paid off in spades. And, of course, I had a pang of regret for selling!”

- Diane, Home Owner, Toronto

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