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In today’s competitive real estate market, you need an edge over your competitors. Especially now that buyers are more educated and demanding than they were in previous generations.

Savvy agents realize that home staging has changed the real estate market and risen dramatically in popularity as one of the best marketing tools available.

There are many reasons to enlist our services as part of your selling strategy.

1.Perfect Pictures = Perfect Home

It’s much easier to market a house that has flawless online pictures which stand out from the rest. We have learned many tricks to make sure the property shines for the camera. Your high-quality photos of a property we have staged will bring in more people for showings.

2.More Showings = More Offers

More showings mean more offers and ultimately, better offers. It also means you are able to network with a higher number of potential clients as well as with other agents in the industry, who will respect you even more for your listings that always look stunning.

3.Quality Exposure = Saving Marketing Dollars

When you have beautiful photos that are driving traffic to your clients’ door, you won’t have to spend time, energy, and most importantly, money on second and third wave marketing efforts. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, in our case, they speak in dollars.

4.Fast Turnover = More Clients

The fact is, home staging results in quicker sales so you aren’t spending as much of your time on a listing and are able to have more clients in the same time frame. Placing a “sold” sign on a home just days after listing, will likely bring you new business from neighbors who are considering selling.

5.More Money = Better Commissions

Staged homes sell 6-14% more money. More importantly, you will not have to reduce your commission to compete. Why reduce and relist – when you can stage and sell.

6.Happy Clients = More Referrals and Repeats

When a client’s home has sold for more money and in record time, they will be delighted. This leads to excellent reviews and testimonials which translate into more referrals as well as opportunities for repeat clients.

7.We are the Buffer = You are the Good Guy

It is difficult to tell a client that their treasured possessions would not appeal to a mainstream buyer or that they need to make repairs or changes to their home. We are used to and know how to handle any objections that homeowners may have, so you don’t have to be the one to tell them. We will show them examples of other homes where we did similar work and as a result, they will understand this process is well worth the investment.

8.Home Staging = Value Added Service

Some real estate agents will pay for the client’s consultation, others for the entire service. Either way, in this competitive real estate market, when you enlist our services, clients feel that you are going above and beyond when you represent them.

9.We Do Everything = You Save Time

This is our full-time job. We are reliable and insured, with a stellar reputation in the industry. We take care of everything, staging, delivery, and pickup – so you can use your valuable time to sell properties.

10.Our Assets = Consistent Availability

With our $6 million inventory in furniture, art, and accessories that are updated daily, we are able to furnish 60-80 properties at the same time. Our inventory never runs out like other home stagers, so we will always have you covered.

At first my clients resisted the need for staging their home in order to get a quick sale at optimum price. Much needed to be done and I was unable to convince them, but after meeting with Ella they understood that her advice should be followed. Her crew arrived at the stated time with all the needed furniture and accessories to make the house stand out among the competition. There was a new subdivision of homes being built nearby and suddenly a spring surge of competing resale listing in the neighbourhood. Once staged the home was purchased within two weeks while most of the other homes in the neighbourhood are still available. Thank you Ella!

- Donna Webber, Broker, ArcRealty Inc.

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