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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be a place to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

When you are selling your home, you want people to walk into your bedroom and think “This is my dream bedroom – I want to fall asleep here”. Everyone desires a space such as this to call their own. It all starts will a luxurious and well dressed bed. 

Choosing Bedding 

Firstly, take into account the other colour finishes in the room – the bedroom furniture and wall colour for example. Choose bedding that will match well. A solid colour would be best as too much pattern can be distracting. For a more luxurious feel, buy a duvet cover set and a plush duvet to give the bed more volume. For the sheets, use a colour that compliments your duvet set. Crisp white sheets always show best.

Making the Bed

Make sure all parts of your mattress and/or box springs are hidden from sight. You can do this by using two flat sheets and one fitted sheet. Cover the mattress with the fitted sheet and use the flat sheets to drape to the floor. If you have a bed with a wooden frame, sometimes it’s better to neatly fold in the sides and foot of the bed.

For queen and king beds, you will need four sleeping pillows in total. Two used in the shams from the duvet set and two in the pillow cases from the sheet set. Make sure to use the right size pillows for your bed. Place the sheet set pillows upright against the headboard and the pillows in the shams upright in front. Take the top of the bed cover and neatly fold back towards the foot of the bed so at least 4-6” of the bed sheet is exposed from the pillows. Finish the look with a throw just under the fold of the cover and 2-3 decorative throw pillows. Voila! You now have a show-stopping bed!

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