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A great way to bring in warmth and a more homely feeling when selling your property is through the use of decorative flowers and other greenery. Many people presume that best way to do so is by using real flowers. This is not always the case.

Firstly, many people have allergies and great sensitivity to smell. You will have no way of knowing who is coming through your property and what allergens they may have.

You want potential buyers to stay and concentrate on buying your home and not heading for the door in a sneezing fit.

Secondly, flowers die and some are more high maintenance than others – especially when it comes to watering.

The flowers will need to be replaced over time and quite often enough are forgotten about. Dried dead flowers as your dining room center piece or entry piece are not screaming luxurious property.

Solution? Silk flowers and plants. They offer all the benefits of having flowers in your home without any of the trouble mentioned above. They should be as true to real life as you can find. Some look so real you may take a double look or have to touch to distinguish. Place them in a decorative vase as you would real flowers.

Silk orchids are a great option. If you buy good quality, they tend to look just like the real thing!

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