Investing in Real estate is one of the best ways to plan for your retirement. Savvy investors are always looking for smart ways for their investment to earn more profit, so they can retire sooner. Wouldn’t that be nice…

We get many calls from investors asking “do you ever stage properties for rent?”

The shorter simpler answer is “yes we do, and it’s a small investment, that will pay for itself!”

The longer answer is a bit more complex, and with our vast experience in the industry, we will be happy to share our findings with you;

Let’s say, you found the perfect house or condo to invest in. Your Realtor figured out the Rental price you should be able to fetch and you are happy with this theory. Once you have closed on the property, its time to list it for rent so you can find someone who will help you pay for your mortgage.

The goal is for this property to pay for itself, and maybe make a bit of a profit until you are ready to sell it and cash in your investment.

This means its best if the property is always rented out, and bringing in an income. Never to be empty again. When people look at photos of empty rooms, they look smaller and many times it is difficult to tell what size furniture will fit, and what is every empty room’s function is. 

Staging your property for rent will:

  • Get you amazing photos that you can always use – even while it’s tenanted
  • Property will look better, newer and larger – getting you a better price
  • Property will rent out sooner, or sell faster, whichever you are looking to accomplish – in half the time!
Living Room Before

Tenants are an unpredictable bunch. They may stay a year, or 5 years if you are lucky… you never know what the future holds. It’s a known fact that when a property is listed for rent or for sale while it’s tenanted, it’s very difficult to attract buyers or renters to offer top dollar.

Tenants have rights and don’t profit from you selling your property or showing it for lease to someone to take their place. Showing the place is an inconvenience for them , and some may wish to sabotage the success of the sale.

Living Dining After

Being ready for when the time comes to list your property for lease or for sale, you will be happy you have a set of beautifully staged photos to pop onto MLS or whichever other media you choose to use.

It will be easier to get a new tenant, or sell the property so you can cash in with no vacancy. The secret gold golden rule of a good investment.


if you are looking to plan ahead, we can give you an idea of how much you need to invest. Please fill out this request for quote:

We will be able to give you a good idea. as a rule of thumb, its typically around 1 months rent, while our minimum for staging is 2500 plus HST. I hope this helps. Please give us a call with any questions you may have. We can be reached at 416-274-3535

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