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Selling a small condo is so much easier when you have the right furniture inside. Many people think that when you furnish a small condo it will look smaller. It is actually the opposite if done right. Using the right scale furniture and showing all the functions people will need to live in there, will get it sold in no time.

Typically when we stage a small condo, it sells in a matter of days. Buyers have a hard time picturing how they will figure out what to put in there and how much room it will take. when they see the room put together, they have a much easier time making a commitment to make a purchase.

Living and Dining

Its important to have a sofa, and at least one chair, a coffee table, a console to show where a TV would go, a dining table, even if its a small one, and ideally at least 4 dining chairs. the larger the condo the more chairs you should be able to add. Some styles of dining table and chairs only look good in a set of 4, so you should keep it at that.

Master, After

It is also important to show a queen bed in the master, and if there is a second bedroom, a double would be best if it fits. if it does not fit, a single will have to do. showing a desk and chair in a bedroom instead of a bed will make people think that a bed will not fit.

If you have a den, make sure you have a desk and office chair in there, to show people function. If you want to make it cozy, add a rug. Art is so important. It always gives the space depth and character.

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