In this case, the before photos are from when the sellers purchased the house. When we looked at the photos, it looked like there is not enough furniture in the rooms. For such a big house to have a dining table with only 6 chairs in such a large room, did not look right to us.

Sure enough, after visiting the home, we discovered that the rooms were very large. We are not sure if the builder was just trying so save money on Staging, unfortunately it did not show the full potential of this house. Yes some people don't need a living room, but if there is room for one, why not show it?

What if you have 2 sets of guests over, and you want to entertain in 2 different parts of the home - perhaps the parents on one side and kids on the other. The first way the house was staged did not show that possibility.

Buyers have a hard time visualizing things that they don't see.


We managed to put in a living room, dining room for 8, and has room for more if needed, a kitchen table and 4 chairs and even a family room. The rooms look full and inviting.

The Result

The house is just going on the market now, we will update with any changes

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