Jan 19 2013
Color is trendy, fun and can excite and stimulate all kinds of senses. It is also a reflection of ones personal taste. One may find an accent wall in Tangerine Orange invigorating and inspiring, while someone else may find it distracting and overwhelming. When it comes time to painting your home, ask yourself this: How long do I plan on living in my home?

Will you be selling in the near future? Is this a color trend that you will eventually tire of? It is important to ask yourselves these questions as you will want your house to appeal to potential buyers down the road. Also, you may not want to re-invest in painting again when you choose to list. A lot of buyers today want a “move in ready” home where they don’t have to worry about time and money on fix ups. If they don’t like your green bedroom, best bet is that any offers you see will be for less than what your property deserves.


A neutral color palette is a way to increase interest in a greater majority of buyers. Reason being that when buyers view your house they will not be distracted by harsh colors. Instead, they will be able to focus on your amazing property. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean everything “beige”. It could be light and soft tones from a taupe color palette to your grey scales. The main point is for the walls to appear as a blank canvas for everyone. You can easily bring in an accent color through the use of art toss cushions, and other decorative items. Take sometime to re-think your color choice before you wet your brush. You could also hire a Designer or Home Stager to help you make the right choice. Sometimes when you pick a color from a paint store, it is a small chip and may seem right at the moment but when on the wall it may be way to yellow or peach.

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