Feb 17 2020
Empty den/office

Staging a small den in a condo is one of our specialties.

Picture yourself walking into a condo and seeing this empty room, without windows to provide natural light into the space. This type of room would typically appear quite small and lack visual appeal.

Transforming rooms of this nature, and turning them into spacious, bright, and cheerful environments, is truly an art form.

In today’s condo market, when developers label a tiny room that looks like a closet – a den or a “plus one”, our staging will help transform these rooms into a usable office or bedroom area. Many times, a room like this, done up properly, will tip the scale, and help finalize the decision to buy the condo.

When furnishing a den, we try to take into account who the buyer may be, and what they may utilize the room for. Will they need an extra bedroom? The rule of thumb states, if there is room to showcase a bed, then we will do just that.  If the space is too small to accommodate a bed, we may bring in a pull-out sofa or daybed, and will always try to include a desk for a proper work space.

To complete the look, we bring in mirrors, art, lighting, and a rug. We typically use one or two mirrors to double the light in the room. When the art is reflected in the mirrors, it appears to make the room twice as large as well.

Last but not least, a den without a rug, looks empty and unfinished. Having a rug in the room will help warm up the space and complete the look. Having a funky or plain rug will depend on how interesting or unique we would like our visual concept to appear. This will depend on the neighborhood and the style of the suite and the building.

Den in a condo by the lake

Using color is important if you are trying to bring attention to a specific area. Many times, a den is the first room you see when you enter the condo. This is your “welcome room”, an introduction to the rest of the condo. When setting a tone for the suite, make sure not to make it too different than the rest of the condo. When dealing with an open space concept, where the den is part of the living room, you should try to maintain the same color scheme throughout the space so the eye does not focus on one side of the room more than the other. The idea is for your eye to scan the entire space fluidly, to achieve a complete vibe of the suite as a whole.

Staged Den in a condo in Etobicoke. This room was large enough to show a bed. This happy owner got the price of a 2 bedroom for a 1+den!
Staged Den in the L Tower, Toronto

When staging a condo in general, or a den within a condo unit, it is not necessary to have colorful furniture. Sometimes providing a couple of colorful pillows, throws and accessories will complete the overall look. Keep in mind, that color is a very personal thing and some individuals will prefer red over blue, therefore carefully selecting your preferred color is a crucial part of staging. It is always best to tell your color story throughout your accessories rather than having too much of it on the walls!

Den at City Place


condo staging
Staged Den in East York. this was the first thing you saw. As you can see, one could add a door if they wished.

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