| Home Staging

Setting the stage for your home comes together with the accessories you use.

They are the finishing touches and what gives interest to the space. Normally in your home the accessories are a reflection of who you are and your personal tastes. When selling, it is important to remove accessories that are too subjective and too personal. The accessories should be visual enhancing and coordinate with the rest of the space.

Accessories are also great for updating looks and adding in accent colours to a neutral colour theme. If you have a space that appears drab, you can add in sheen and gloss finishes through the use of accessories to give visual interest.
Remember less is more. Don’t overcrowd surfaces and group things in odd numbers such as in 3’s. This will help to give balance and surfaces won’t seem cluttered.

It’s very important for kitchen countertops to be clear. You want to show your kitchen as having plenty of working space. If you can live without countertop appliances for a little while – they should be removed. Maybe stored in a cabinet underneath if there is room. You can show things such as martini/wine glasses or maybe a bowl of fresh apples to warm up the space a bit.

Bathroom countertops are just as important. Buyers will be looking for plenty of room to store their personal hygiene products and space to groom. You can place an appropriately sized vase with flowers by the sink to enhance the room – as long as you have space on your countertop. Towels are an important bathroom accessory as well. Use crisp white towels to create a “hotel” look. All bathroom cleaning supplies (such as your toilet brush or plunger) should be removed. They are not great to look at and take up your valuable floor space.