May 09 2021

We keep hearing how the market is slowing down, but we are finding that properties we stage in Toronto, are selling quickly and sellers are getting the price they wanted or more. 4 out of 6 properties we staged last week, have already sold, and 3 of them sold over asking price.

When a property is staged right, buyers will have an easier time making a decision to sign on the dotted line.

Some agents are afraid to suggest home staging to sellers because they fear it will not sell quickly and the staging will be a large expense. Well, the longer the property sits on the market, you are expected to lower the price. No one lowers the price by increments of 3-4K, they usually lower by 10-20K sometimes 100K or more.

Staging does not cost that much, yet gives you a much better chance to not have to reduce your price, if your price is realistic for your area.

Take this house for example in Etobicoke… the Agent priced it right at 2.388 and still got 110K over asking. Would he have gotten that with no staging? Likely not…

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