| Home Staging

Before putting your house on the market, it’s time to go through your property and make a list of anything that needs touching up or repairs.

Buyers are very picky when it comes to damages and anything that doesn’t look up to par. If you want to get a good price for your house, it better show in great condition. Make sure you have a critical eye. It would be best to bring in a stager who will know what to look for and what to advise on.

Walls and Ceilings

Check all your walls and ceilings for cracks, especially in plaster. Cracks could set off a warning signal that you may have had water damage or other structural problems. If you had issues previously, bring in a licensed contractor to properly address the area. Please do not attempt to do this yourself. There is nothing worse than seeing a wall patch up gone wrong.

Light Bulbs

Make sure you do not have any burnt out bulbs – anywhere. It would be wise to purchase all new bulbs beforehand and replace just in case. Be sure NOT to buy energy efficient and replace any energy efficient bulbs you currently have. The light these bulbs offer are not so flattering for most interiors and take much longer than standard bulbs to light up. Buyers are only in certain spaces for mere seconds – you want those seconds to count!


Windows should be properly cleaned inside and out. Don’t forget to clean your window screens as well and replace if torn or broken. In some cases, if you have a dim or poorly lit room, you can remove the dark screens from the windows altogether. You can store them in the basement or garage for the future buyers. This will help to make the room appear lighter.


Take a good look at your wood floors. Are they scratched? Damaged by sun? Call in your local floor specialist to see repairs they can do for you. Sometimes a little sanding and a fresh coat of stain can make a huge difference. The same goes for carpeting. If you cannot work out those stains or if it’s looking tired and drab, it’s time to replace. It may be more reasonable to put in hardwood or laminate instead.

Crown Moldings and Trim

Some houses still have natural wood stains on their baseboards, moldings and trims. Although beautiful to few in its natural wood state, it is outdated. People associate this with older homes and your property won’t appeal to them as much. By applying a fresh coat of white paint to all moldings you get an instant update! Make sure to paint the same white to all moldings throughout the house. Your trim could always use a fresh coat.

You may have a long list of repairs and it may seem a little overwhelming at first. Just remember that you want top dollar for your house and you don’t want your house to sit on the market for a long time. Everything you put into getting your house in top notch shape will certainly pay off in the end.