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Every lifestyle is different and people have different needs. Sometimes unknowingly, our formal living rooms become our children’s play area and the dining room becomes our office. When selling a property, rooms should be displayed for the function they were meant for. By not showing proper function of the rooms, buyers can be misguided in thinking you have a bad layout or missing certain areas that they need.

Seeing is believing. You have to show buyers the potential of your property. Bedrooms are the most common multi-function spaces in the home. Sometimes people don’t need their third bedroom so they use it as an area to keep their exercise equipment or maybe store unused furniture.A potential buyer who needs a third bedroom for their child may see yours as unfit due to the way you are presenting it. Show buyers a functional bedroom in that space and they can see it as such. If you are listing as a three bedroom home – show a three bedroom home!

Restoring rooms will also help you to de-clutter and get rid of the items you don’t need. That exercise equipment lying dormant in your unused bedroom should be moved to storage if you don’t actually have anywhere to keep it. Buyers may not want an exercise room at that point in time, but showing them the equipment in a random setting will give them the idea that they can NOT have an exercise space in this house.

The same will apply to any unused items and furniture that are cluttering up your most functional spaces. Clean out your work from the dining room and maybe add in a small desk and chair in the family room to show office space (if your home is lacking an office).

If you have unused basement space, you can use furniture from the rest of your home to create another seating area or other functioning room. This can show buyers “extra” space that the upstairs may lack.

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