This Annex condo was on the market for months before we were called in. When we saw the suite, it did not show well at all. The clients furniture, was bulky and dated, the colours were dark and very personal. This was a high end condo, and did not look high end. It looked tired and crowded.

We recommended for the client to move out completely as it would have been easier for them through this process. We recommended to paint the entire condo, including the kitchen cupboards. This was a biggie, the suite had a large glass block wall separating the hallway / living room with the kitchen - we strongly recommended to remove this wall and put in a modern island. This would change the whole feel of the property and make it completely up to date.


They took all of our advice, removed all their belongings, painted everything, removed, the wall between the kitchen and living/hallway, installed a custom island and added a few cabinets in the kitchen to hide some of the glass block that is part of the buildings exterior design.

The Result

As you can see in the photos, the results were stunning. the suite looked brand new. It sold in a few days, and achieved a price of $75,000 more than another suite that only did staging in the building.

Type of Home: Condo | Property State: SOLD

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