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28 alderbrook avenue master bedroom

Master bedroom staging is one of the easier tasks when staging a home, since the furniture present in the room is quite limited. However, we cannot afford to be complacent even here.

Among the usual basic steps, which are cleaning, depersonalization and decluttering, we should focus on several requirements that potential buyer is searching for in a bedroom. Bedroom should be neutral, comfortable, spacious and maybe even slightly romantic.

Neutrality is mainly represented by the color of the walls. Use neutral, tranquil light colors, like white, light tan or beige. Aggressive colors like red or yellow are too subjective and should definitely not be used. This also applies to the bed linen – you can throw in a pillow or two of a contrasting color, but that’s all you really need.

Spacious bedrooms allow people to move freely inside the room without any obstacles. Even in a small room, staging can help you to make the room seem larger than it actually is. Remove all unnecessary furniture except the basics such as the closet and possibly small nightstands. Move the bed as far as possible away from the doorway and remember to treat the indentations in carpet with steam or hot water and be sure the door can open easily without obstruction.

Furthermore, you should use a king or queen size bed in most of the bedrooms, except in the smallest ones where a double bed is more suitable. A bed is the main focal point in a bedroom, so make sure it looks as good as it can do. Invest in new bedding and even consider a new headboard, but unless you are very confident in your eye for style, consult with a professional stager before you go shopping.

The next step would be to clear the closets and shelves if there are any and leave just a few pieces of clothing, mainly as decoration. Think about details – wooden hangers make a much bigger impression than plastic ones, although they will cost you a few dollars more.

Also consider the residual scent of the room. I am not implying that your bedroom smells badly, however, years of daily use most likely has had some negative effect, especially inside the closets. Try using neutralizers or purely natural scents such as herbs or lemon peel and air fresheners gels should only be used in the worst situations.

The final steps of bedroom staging are lighting and the arrangement of ornaments. Keep the window curtains open, especially if there is a scenic view from the bedroom. Since additional table lamps can take up too much room, it is better to consider having a stand-alone floor lamp in the corner of the room. Remove any large paintings, especially family portraits or religious scenes. If you want to hang something on the wall, it is better to go for a modern abstract painting, which can be chosen to complement the color of the room. Arrange a popular hardcover novel and a quality alarm clock on the nightstand. Of course, there will be no remote controls, because you have removed the TV and DVD player from the bedroom at the beginning of the staging process!

Lastly, don’t forget – both sexes will share this room. While a man is looking for a comfortable rest place and storage for his clothes, a woman seeks an intimate sanctuary of relaxation. As a successful home stager, is it essential that the room appeals to both of them.

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