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When selling your home, the kitchen must be taken as an area of vital importance (although good home staging means you consider all parts of your home as vitally important). Let me reveal several steps on how to properly stage this heart of every household.

First and foremost – cleanliness. Together with the bathroom, the kitchen has to be the cleanest place in house. If you drop a slice of pizza on the floor, you shouldn’t be afraid to lift it and continue eating. Cleaning doesn’t mean just washing the floor and appliances. You have to take a close look at every possible sign of mould or water stone occurrence.

Get rid of all suspicious spots (and don’t forget, even if they are not suspicious to you, they for sure will be suspicious for the buyer). Don’t forget to take care of the sink, stove, tiles; there are plenty of special detergents to help you, but be prepared to go down on your knees. Empty the refrigerator; visitors may open it and you don’t want them to be knocked to their knees also…

Shabby things look shabby, no matter how hard you clean them. There is only one advice – get rid of them. Old cabinets with crooked doors, damaged counter top surface or obsolete water tap require certain expenditure, but you have to view it as an investment. A Higher selling price will be your reward.

Decluttering is another natural step. Your souvenir mug collection, electric kettle, coffee machine – everything has to go away. All surfaces have to be clear; this makes all spaces look bigger, and of course, also remove any fancy magnets from the refrigerator door.

Now you are ready for the gentle surgeon’s cut. Try to soften hard surfaces with new towels, fabric and window treatments (just be careful with modern kitchens). Light up dark corners and other areas; if you don’t want to change the main light, use plug-in lights. Dark kitchens are not a good choice (think about this also when buying new cabinets; light colors underline the feeling of cleanliness and hygiene). Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

Finally, place a bowl of fruit or arrange two plates, candles and a bottle of wine, add fresh flowers in a vase, to simply give your kitchen some life and spirit. This space has to emit warm positive energy. Buyers need to feel relaxed, like it’s their own kitchen. A perfect kitchen can even help them to overlook some other, weaker parts of your house.

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