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Staging a second bedroom should be probably the easiest task while preparing your home for selling. However, don’t forget to check if everything is perfect.

The guest room is probably only used some days of the year, so there is a good chance that furniture and other items won’t be worn out. However, sunlight or humidity can naturally damage materials even when the room is unoccupied, so don’t forget to look closer at it. Focus on bed sheets, carpets, drapes and bad smells.

Sometimes we tend to use guest rooms as a storage room, where we cramp old and useless ‘we-may-once-need-it’ things. The opposite is needed – bed, nightstand, simple chair and closet are all you should have in a guest room. Also try not to remove the clothes from the master bedroom to the guest room during staging. Visitors like to explore the rooms and you don’t want that “Aaaha!” effect when they find your hidden treasures moved from other rooms.

You can try a small experiment which will clearly distinguish guest rooms from bedrooms. Try for example a small hotel-type fridge in the closet, water jug and glasses, exclusive pen with notepad or a bowl of fruit. This will emphasize the difference between the two rooms.

The main part of staging is almost identical with bedroom staging. Keep the room airy, clean, with no aggressive colors or decoration. You can focus your efforts on other rooms, but be sure not to leave any hidden dangers for your home image, because visitors will discover them sooner or later.

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