Dear Ella, I am so excited!!! I just wanted to share with you some really great news. My listing on Haddington sold in 31/2 weeks. This was such a wonderful sale. Both the Buyer and the Seller are very happy. As you may remember, this house had a history. It was previously listed with my competitor for around 1 year prior to me listing it. When the Seller approached me to list the house, I insisted on him having it staged. I knew that this newly built 3800 sq ft house needed warmth that only you know how to do. It was so difficult to convince the “non-believer” Seller into spending that extra few dollars on staging, but once he agreed he became a true believer. The house was beautiful, and the feedback from potential buyers was all positive.

The story gets even better. The family who bought the house, had seen it a year ago when it was first listed with the other brokerage. At that time, they simply could not envision themselves living there… your furnishings have made all the difference in this sale. You turned a cold uninviting house into a gracious welcoming HOME. This is beyond doubt my greatest success story yet. I thank you and my Seller thanks you for a job very well done!