Hi Ella, I am so thrilled I found you, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. More importantly, when I went to get the listing signed tonight, my client said that he was so happy with your turnout and that it was his best money spent. He said that he thought you were very talented; your furniture and ‘chachkuahs’ were lovely yet neutral; your placement of them was strategic; your choice of photography was clever as they all brought depth to the room etc., etc., etc. To me, that’s the be all and end all.

You complimented my particular style of business perfectly and you made me feel comfortable around my client when I initially brought you in.

You got the job done quickly and effectively. You are so great at what you do and hence make me look good at what I do. I stood up at today’s office meeting telling everyone that I finally found the perfect stager and told them all to use you for their future business. Thank you again. We are now officially A TEAM for my next 25 years in the biz.