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55 prince arthur 1
55 prince Arthur entrance

55 Prince Arthur Residences, located at Avenue Road & Bloor. Luxury building with 24 hour concierge, with valet parking! This suite was owned by an older person who had moved out, and we were asked to prepare it for sale. We used some of the owners furniture and added a lot of ours. It SOLD 150,000 over asking price right away!  To see the before and after, click HERE


Entrance Before

The Entrance had functional but older furniture, and we knew we needed to wow the buyer. We had all the furniture removed and brought in our own.

55 prince arthur 1

Entrance, after!

As you can see, we brought in a fabulous entrance piece with a lot of “glam” some dark framed mirrors, table lamp and accessories. We also added an ivory shag rug and some art. This made the entrance, spectacular!


Living Room Before

The Living Room was functional but your eye went straight to the mirrored walls in the back. oh, how dated. Everyone who came in commented on those – and how much it would cost to remove them…

55 prince arthur 4

Living Room After

We made sure we had some really eye catching furniture in the front of the room to lead the eye away from the mirrored walls, that now seemed unnoticeable once we were done, no one mentioned them.


Dining Room Before we made it into a den

So this use to be the dining room in this huge suite. we are use to doing many small units and in the small units, every cove is considered a “plus one” in this case… we thought, this could totally be a den, since the living room can certainly hold the large dining table and chairs that is needed for this sort of unit.

55 prince arthur 6b

Dining Room After – we made it into a den

so we did. we made the dining room into a family room, or den. what ever you wish to call it. with the furniture in there, it leaves no room for imagination. its crystal clear!


Kitchen before

Kitchen was dated. there was no room in the budget for this…
55 prince arthur 6c

Kitchen, After

we just changed the tale and chairs and with a new picture on the wall it gave it a fresher look.

Master Bedroom before

well this one we said had to be done. the yellow is just not everyone’s cup of tea and it just may turn off a buyer.

55 prince arthur 7c

Master after

once the yellow was gone, and we put in a proper king size bed, it was clear, this is a great bedroom. Although it had carpet that the new owner would probably rip out.. they could see themselves living in here.

2nd bedroom before

since we already had a den, and this a proper bedroom, it really needed to be shown as such.

55 prince arthur 7g
2nd bedroom after

really shows the size of the room when you put in the right bed.

master bathroom before
55 prince arthur 7e
master bathroom after

there was no budget for renovations, so just removing the black towels and the mirror that was sticking out was enough of a distraction.

powder room before

very dark and dated. again, not much budget for this room so we thought we would do it with art.

55 prince arthur 07
powder room after

adding the right art on the walls made a huge difference!

living room before
55 prince arthur 5f
living – dining after

so this is the final living and dining layout. as you can see the space was so large we could fit both in there and make the room so much more functional!

For full virtual tour of the after click HERE

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